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Alexander III of Makedon

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 01, 2004 9:34 am    Post subject: Alexander III of Makedon Reply with quote

Let's start like this. Alexander III of Makedon, was Makedonian as His title states. Speaking about His greekness is dubios since there is no written document where He or somebody else is stating that He was a Greek.

Let's quote some of the ancient sources on distinction between Makedonians and Greeks:


When oaths to this effect had been sworn and the Greeks were interspersed among the Macedonians, Pithon was greatly pleased, seeing that the affair was progressing according to his intentions; but the Macedonians remembering the orders of Perdiccas and having no regard for the oaths that had been sworn, broke faith with the Greeks. Setting upon them unexpectedly and catching them off their ground, they shot them all down with javelins and seized their possessions as plunder. Pithon then, cheated of his hopes, came back with the Macedonians to Perdiccas. 18.7.8-9

The decree of the Assembly of Athens: "people should assume responsibility for the common freedom of the Greeks and liberate the cities that were subject to (Macedonian) garrisons; that they should prepare 40 quadriremes and 200 triremes (ships); that all Athenians up to age of 40 should be enrolled; that three tribes should guard Attica, and that the other seven should be ready for campaign beyond the frontier; that envoys should be sent to visit the Greek cities and tell them that formerly the Athenian people, convinced that all Greece was the common fatherland of the Greeks, had fought by see against those (Macedonian) barbarians who had invaded Greece to enslave her, and that now too Athens believed it necessary to risk lives and money and ships in defense of the common safety of the Greeks." 18.10.1-3.


"... not only no Greek, nor related to the Greeks, but not even a barbarian from any place that can be named with honors, but a pestilent knave from Macedonia, whence it was never yet possible to buy a decent slave" - Demosthenes, Third Philippic, 31

Plutarch, about Demosthenes:

'Soon after his death the people of Athens paid him fitting honours by errecting his statue in bronze, and by decreeing that the eldest member of his family should be maintained in the prytaneum at the public expense. On the base of his statue was carved his famous inscription: 'If only your strength had been equal, Demosthenes, to your wisdom Never would Greece have been ruled by a Macedonian Ares' [p.216] Plutarch

But, we can see that Modern Day Greek Propagandists are MUCH smarter than the people who lived in ancient times, like Demosthenes and many others. Demosthenes was not speaking only in the name of the Athenians as you will hear from some people, yet He was talking in the name of all Hellenes and was calling THEM to rise against Makedonian ( Foreign????? ) Yoke.

The ancient Greek historians and geographers from the classical and the post-classical period, Ephoros, Pseudo-Skylax, Dionysius son of Kalliphon, and Dionysius Periegetes, all put the northern borders of Greece at the line from the Ambracian Gulf in the west to the Peneios River to the east, thus excluding Macedonia from Greece.

Michael Sakellariou, Macedonia: 4000 years of Greek History. p.50

There are hundreds of proofs that Ancient Makedonians were not Greeks. We have, Justin, Plutarch, Arrian, Curtius Rufus, Pausanias, Medeius of Larisa who have stated ( Thessalians are ‘the most northerly of the Greeks’, thus excluding the Macedonians as non-Greeks since they live north of Thessaly.), Livy, Polibius, and lots of others.
Also there are todays distinguished World Historians who pointed out clear distinction between Ancient Makedonians and Ancient Greeks. Borza, Badian, Green, Bosworth, Jaeger, Jouguet, Rawlinson, Wilcken, Grant, Reed, Hogarth, Brunt, American Philological Association, and many others.

You wil hear from Greek propagandists that all these people are FOOLS, and that they don't know a sh.. about Ancient Makedonians.

Also, on EVERY Ancient Map of Makedonia there is clear distinction between Makedonia and Thessally, Epirus, Thrace, Illiria, Dardania, Dacia. There is NO clear depiction for GREECE anywhere on the MAPS. Illiria was Kingdom, Makedonia - kingdom, Thrace - Kingdom, Dardania - kingdom, Dacia - kingdom, but teritories like Thessaly, Epirus, Achaia, Atica, Pelopones, and other where only teritories where Greek City States were dwelling. One can even see the difference in the constitution of these Nations.

Even if somebody says that Makedonian Kings were Greeks ( which is not true ),there was thousands, if not, millions of Makedonians who lived in Makedonia at that time and nobody can say that these people were Greeks, because there are enough proofs from ancient sources that Greeks considered Makedonians as Makedonians i.e. barbarians, and Makedonians considered themselves Makedonians and nothing else.

Ancient Makedonians were, are, and will always be Makedonians.

Best Regards,

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 01, 2004 4:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

What does this have to do with 'Discuss "Alexander" the movie'? Thread locked and I will lock any more threads which open up like this one, i.e who and who isn't Greek, Macedionian, whatever.
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