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Daredevil humor

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 02, 2010 2:33 am    Post subject: Daredevil humor Reply with quote

This is a corona of acrostic sonnets plus an epilogue. A corona is a set of 15 sonnnets in which the 15th is made up of the first lines of the other 14 sonnets.

Bleeding out, his death flashed before his eyes.
Until Elektra stabbed him, he could not
Let himself feel she wanted his demise.
Last sounds – a bird trapped in a sheet, wings caught –
She kicked him in the throat from just behind.
Elektra’s sai slashed through the laundry line.
Yesterday’s blood rage still flooded her mind.
Efficiency defined her and her spine
Snaked through a cartwheel that pinned Daredevil
Down easily, but he writhed loose and grabbed
Elektra’s arms, close to her breast, and spoke
As gently as he could, swore not to kill
The dark avenger in his arms. She stabbed
His heart, pulled off his mask. Grief made her choke.

Bored with the star crossed lovers’ tragedy,
Unmoved except to laughter and cat-calls,
Lounging on the tenement rooftop, the
Lurid Bullseye lured his mark up the walls,
Sidling into the shadows to bring
Elektra into range. The orphan used
Youthful reserves of strength, shadowboxing.
Elektra slashed his cheek, but fell back, bruised.
She threw her sai, but Bullseye caught the blade.
Delighting in the game, he threw it back.
Elektra caught it in the palm and sobbed.
At last she pulled it free, while Bullseye made
The victor’s bow. The bold assassin robbed
Her of the upper hand, and changed his tack.

Bullseye attacked Elektra for the prize,
Unsatisfied with alligator skin
Long coat and the red brand above his eyes,
Lavish in his self-regard, keen to win
Some more resplendent costume for this kill.
Evanescent smoky black, dark blue, or
Yankee stadium blue, for his skill,
Emblazoned with his emblem – when he wore
Striking colors and a blazing target,
Daredevil’s stain on his honor would fade;
Even the devil would forget he missed
At the assassination. So he’d bet
The Kingpin he could kill the girl amidst
His plans to take down Daredevil, unpaid.

Blow after blow assailed her, a steady
Unrelenting pummeling – he whipped and
Lunged from side to side, escaping every
Lash of her recovered sai and wounded hand.
She kicked above her head and still she missed.
Elektra tired, drained by her fresh grief,
Yearning to undo her last moments – wrist
Extended wide, to her own disbelief
She lost her grip on one of her two sai.
Daredevil, dying in the distance, cried.
Elektra had opened his eyes – the rain
Across her features filled his inner eye
That night on his roof. Now he felt her pain.
Her own survivor’s guilt would not subside.

Back and forth – hurtling her down and then
Up against the wall – he battered her, teeth
Luminous as he let out a rotten
Laugh that greyed the drying sheets. His belt sheath
Still carried its full complement of knives.
Elektra had excited him, an armed
Yseult to his Morhult, in former lives.
Exhausting her with relish, half disarmed –
Sais flashed in both their hands, their perfect points
Dividing specks of hair the tumult flung
Electrified into the grim halos
Around the two assassins’ heads, their joints
Twisting with the fighters’ wrists – Bullseye chose
His taunts with showmanship, a silver tongue.

Bowling her over, Bullseye mocked his prey,
Unprincipled and unregenerate,
Lambasting her with muscles on display,
Long-drawn assault a ravishment to sate
Salacious appetites for fear and pain
Exalted to an art form in his work –
Years of practice in his mortal domain
Embellished his delight in the berserk.
Saluting her with irony, he praised
Daredevil’s consort as she gasped for air.
Elektra was engaging, talented,
A deadly foe – with pleasure he appraised
The fighter’s strengths and skills. His demented
Hat trick would be sublime – this fight was fair.

‘Believe it – I’m magic,’ he told her when
Unbridled fear came over her at last.
Left hand concealing Elektra’s weapon,
Letting his right sleeve flourish, he was fast –
Sleight of hand made an ace of spades appear.
Elektra saw the card and began to
Yield to Bullseye’s thrall, watched it disappear –
Edges revolving, the ace of spades flew
Straight for Elektra’s exposed jugular.
Daredevil saw her hand fly to her throat.
Elektra, on her knees, could hardly breathe.
Accuracy confirmed, he lifted her
To face him for the kill. Elektra writhed.
He stabbed her and kissed her mouth, flashing his coat.

Bewilderment came over her, dismayed,
Utmost disgust subsuming guilt and rage.
Left dying on the rooftop by the spade,
Love’s last embrace alone could now assuage
Septic defeat, a father unavenged –
Elektra crawled to where Daredevil lay
Yet breathing in the damp. He came unhinged.
Elektra begged for help, begged him to slay
Sadistic Bullseye in her father’s name.
Daredevil held her as she finally died.
Elektra’s wish gave him the strength to stand
And struggling against the dark he came
To his cathedral where an old friend
Held his head as he grappled with his pride.

Beside himself, Murdock cursed and vented,
Unburdening his rancor to his priest,
Lying on his back. The priest dissented,
Lenity and patience or at least
Self-preservation his advice – the wound
Elektra had inflicted still shed blood.
Youth spent stretching himself, the first thud
Sent by Bullseye’s warning throw shocked his nerves.
Daredevil knew the next blow would strike home.
Elektra’s killer let the priest escape
And toyed with Daredevil, knives in reserve.
The missile he threw next, a platter – some
Humor left to spare, brandishing his cape.

Brutality on full display, his name
Untarnished before yesterday, Bullseye
Leered down the aisle at Daredevil, his aim
Laser precise, his enemy lame. Try
Skirting this throw! Daredevil stumbled, hand
Extended. Then he threw his walking cane.
Yowling, Bullseye lurched back. Adrenil glands
Expectorating fear, his scummy brain
Sardonic in the face of twisting fate,
Disaster drove him up the walls – he climbed
Enormous organ pipes. He tore one loose
And banged at his opponent’s head, irate.
The sound his home instead, stunning the blind
Hero. The perfect weapon, he deduced.

Beyond reproach if he could kill his man,
Unblushing narcissism and prestige
Legitimate again if he could span
Limbo above the silent church, besiege
Senses the devil felt acutely, send
Excruciating pain through every nerve
Yielding that supersonic sight. He'd end
Evasive Murdock’s power to observe
Seemingly silent missiles in mid air.
Daredevil would be powerless to fight.
Each blow resounded in the devil’s ears,
And Bullseye watched him clutch his head and swear.
Then he launched nine more knives. The devil’s fears
Heightened a sixth sense and he dodged their flight.

Barrage of perfect throws circumvented
Uncannily by his blind pursuer,
Lowering from the mitered pipes, scented
Lapel concealing one last rose, fewer
Sublime impulses at his fingertips,
Empty of knives, Bullseye picked out a bright
Yellow cross in stained glass and licked his lips.
Emblazoned head flew through the glass – white light
Streaked through the shattered window raining shards
Down into Bullseye’s hands. Royal blue, crimson,
Emerald, gold and violet edged projectiles
Accrued in perfect stacks like deadly cards,
Triangles, disks and parallelegons –
He caught them all and gathered all his wiles.

Bullseye went for the kill, sure of his plan.
Uncanny reputation on the line,
Licentious love of killing stronger than
Lividity at having missed, malign
Sanctification in his bow to vain
Ecclesiastic virtue in his cult,
Yes, his own cult, bloodthirsty and profane,
Extending both his arms, keen to exult
Skill and success in one fell throw, he sent
Dozens of knife edged shards of dark stained glass
Ellipsing through the air at every height.
At once the blind man leapt, spinning, and bent,
Taut leather costume tested, stretching tight.
He outmaneuvered Bullseye – an impasse.

Before he struck, he paused – savored his fame
Undoing the advantage he had won
Lashing the great cathedral bell. He came
Lunging toward his victim, sure that he’d done
Sufficient damage to the devil’s head.
Even then, Daredevil heard a movement
You’d expect no man to hear, that dreaded
Electrifying click: a hammer, bent.
Sensing precisely where the sniper’s sight
Drilled through the window, he pulled Bullseye in,
Exacting his revenge. “My hands!” he cried,
And spread his arms, pierced palms splayed out like Christ.
The villain’s plea for mercy was denied.
He threw him from the heights for groteseque sins.

Bleeding out, his death flashed before his eyes.
Bored with the star crossed lovers’ tragedy,
Bullseye attacked Elektra for the prize.
Blow after blow assailed her, a steady
Back and forth – hurtling her down and then
Bowling her over, Bullseye mocked his prey.
‘Believe it – I’m magic,’ he told her when
Bewilderment came over her, dismayed.
Beside himself, Murdock cursed and vented.
Brutality on full display, his name
Beyond reproach if he could kill his man,
Barrage of perfect throws circumvented,
Bullseye went for the kill, sure of his plan.
Before he struck, he paused – savored his fame –

But nothing is exactly as it seems.
Untold exploits ahead, Bullseye survived,
Limbs cast in plaster. Payback filled his dreams.
Lip twitching, he gained consciousness, revived.
Stiff, stoic in the matter of the itch,
Every finger trapped in casts, he fumbled,
Yards of bandage head to toe, every stitch
Effecting its own torturous strain. Humbled,
Still he drew the line at tickling by
Dung spattered fly. The insect on his face
Explored his bristling eyebrow with its tongue.
Agonizing rage improved his reach by
The necessary centimeter – stung
He pinned the bug with a syringe. An ace.
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